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The Ghana Association of the Capital District (called, GACD, we, us or our) will provide a Death-In-Family
Assistance (DIFA or the Fund) to its members if ALL our terms are met.
Registrations for membership of the DIFA Fund are due on the first day of January and July every year.


For a member of GACD to benefit from DIFA, s/he must be:
I. Be a current member of GACD
II. Be current in his/her monthly dues
III. Registered in and contribute to the DIFA Fund
IV. Attend at least 50% of GACD monthly meetings, with two excuses allowed on case-to-case basis.


This benefit will be paid
one time when contributing member dies and
a maximum of two (2) times to a participating member during loss of any registered family
When a contributing member dies, each and every member of the Fund – irrespective of the block s/he
belongs to – will contribute two hundred dollars ($200.00) to the Fund as a benefit to the living spouse
or a specified relative of the deceased whichever one is specified on our records.
If a covered person dies, this benefit will be paid at one (1) unit less 100% of what is due. The unit taken
out of the coverage will be reinvested in the Fund under the beneficiary’s name.


No benefit shall be paid if:
I. all the terms of DIFA Fund are not met.
II. deceased is not registered with GACD.
Refund and Cancellation
Under the following conditions, DIFA Fund membership will be revoked and appropriate percentage of a
terminated member’s contributions paid back to him/her.
I. transfer out of Albany and the capital district (100% refund)
II. failing to meet 50% meeting attendance in addition to the permitted two excused absences
(50% refund)
III. not current in his/her GACD monthly dues (50% refund)


Contributions to the Fund will be in any one of the following blocks.
$500, $300, $200, $100 and $50
The first contribution made into a particular block will be two units of the block. For example, a GACD
member electing to join the $200 block will be required to make an initial contribution of $400 to the
block. The second unit is to serve as a reserve in times of unanticipated deaths in our community. As
the members in a particular block increase, the unit contribution to that group will reduce but total
benefit to be received from that block will remain the same.
Any other payment after the initial will be after a death is reported and a benefit is paid to a bereaved
member of the fund. A 30 day period will then be given to members to replenish the coffers of DIFA
If there is no payment of benefits within a block in a particular year, members will be asked to pay an
additional unit in order to strengthen the financial solvency of the FUND.

Members of any particular block may vote to increase/decrease unit contributions and the total benefits
for the block before opening fresh biannual registrations in January and July.

Payment of Benefit

Payments of benefits will be made to a bereaved member within 30 days of informing the executive
members of GACD.
In the unfortunate death of a DIFA contributor, 100% ($200 × total number of DIFA members
irrespective of the block a member belongs to) benefit will be paid to the stated beneficiaries on our
For example, if no (0) one belongs to the $500 block, ten (10) members belong to the $300 block, and 15
members belong to the $200 block, the beneficiaries will be paid a total of 0 x $500 + 10 x $200 + 15 x
$200 which amounts to $0 + $3,000 + $3,000 = $6,000.
In the case of death of a contributor’s registered family member, 100% benefit will be the number of
members in a block multiplied by the block unit minus one (1) unit.
For example, if the $500 block has ten (10) members, a bereaved member belonging to this block will be
paid ($500 × 10) – $500 = $4,500.
The unit ($500) that will be subtracted goes to pay for the bereaved member’s next contribution to


Default after receiving benefits

This is a modest attempt to help our members cushion some of the financial stresses that comes with loss of a loved-one. It is therefore hoped that members will honor their pledges and continue to contribute to the fund in order to help other members who may need it in the future.

Should there be a situation in which any member will make the unfortunate decision of not contributing to the DIFA Fund after s/he had received payment from the Fund, let it be known that we have legal services ready to prosecute such a member to the fullest extent of the law.

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DIFA Registration Form